Where did the name Broken Box Culture come from?

Once upon a time in a far away land off the I-5 corridor was a lazy, gluttonous King, who only spoke in cliches and when asked to help with a problem would only reply "think outside the box". This would piss off the commoners. One commoner in particularly. She would wonder what box he was talking about? There was no box.

After a long day she and the other commoners had went to the king with a brilliant idea, only to be told that it would never work. As they started to protest his ruling, he put his hand up and said, "This is my kingdom, when you have your own, then you can do whatever you want. You silly ideas have no place here." He proceeded to tell them they better return tomorrow ready to complete the chore they started that day.

"That's not enough time!" one of the commoners exclaimed.

The king looked at them and smirked. He told them "You just have to think outside the box. Now leave my chambers!"

Fuming at the unfair ruling the king had made, the commoners started talking of a revolt.

"If I had my own kingdom, I would never tell anyone to 'think outside the box', it doesn't even make sense" one of them said.

The girl remarked calmly, "Let's break the box."

There was a battle not too long after that night and they girl and a handful of commoners left to make their own way in the world. They traveled with only the things they could grab quickly before they left the kingdom from their chambers for their journey. Finally after weeks on wondering what they would do, they found a place to settle.

They woke up that first morning in their new home, wondering what to do first. They needed a name for their new kingdom. For hours they talked, fought, and shook their heads at suggestions being blurted out.

Somebody dared to say "think outside the box," and everyone went silent.

Suddenly the girl got annoyed, and yelled out "forget thinking outside the box, BREAK THE BOX!"

They decided to call themselves the Broken Box Culture and they all lived happily ever after.

But that wasn't the end, it was only,

The Beginning


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