Though we are are all very different, the similarities between character, needs, wants, and dreams are undeniable. Would you not agree? The hunger is constant,our minds are made up, and our attitudes, relentless. We the people and our impossibly bold actions inspire the rest of the world. We all have talents, but without determination, without embracing faith, without a hint of madness pushing us to leap, to speak out against the status-quo, our talents are nothing, the dream is over. Drawing your own lines is everything, and this is what our brand is all about.

Being part of Broken Box CultureĀ is a willingness to be different. It's not for everybody, it's for a breed of people dedicated to a lifetime of struggle, to cultivating their talents, trailblazing for fun, being agents for change through art. People who wear DC/CL are not customers, they are a part of the Broken Box Culture. It's about drawing your own lines and not caring what anyone else thinks. It's about standing up and saying "I am accountable" to give the global village your 110%, because that's all you know how to do. It's an opportunity to make history.